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It started with the quest to understand what it is to act man. Meet my first Film Acting Teacher.
Sourixay Vilalay holding "The Film Actor's Handbook by Jesse Vint III
In 2012 I was questioning some regular "Extras" who I'd come across frequent on the set of Leverage and Grimm. The name Jesse Vint popped up more than not when inquiring who do you study with, so I was like, I'll Google this instructor. Low and behold Mr. Vint, who likes going by Jesse had the goods or should I say greats when it came to honing the skills and mindset to do exceptional as a actor. I didn't know what I didn't know but meeting him at a local Start bucks after sitting in on one of his class I was eager to say I want to study and learn.

Truly I was impressed on his history summary of how acting has derived to where it is as I was able to recall all his the lessons I had studied in Theater in Jr. College at Mt. Hood Community College. That is where I started my quest to study acting and it is a honor to study with one who has not only the knowledge but the credentials of a terrific track record.

No matter what happens in life it is key to study what it is that makes life fascinating and I must say acting truly encompasses such creative collaborations. That is why I will say I love it and it is therapeutic in int's mesmerizing methods. There's so much to learn and develop in the adventure of character discovery. The handbook will deliver many case scenarios actors will have to deal with and face. I recommend it as a must read for you to better understand to succeed in the film world.

Beyond the book, sometimes I feel at our after gatherings, after class that's where we really get to know one another organically, Jesse will go on with his "Manplanations", meaning he will tell you what you already know if not put his twist on something you already know surely going on thoroughly and you would have to just listen reverently in respect of his charismatic deliveries; but that could be part of the buzz boozing scene at it's arrival. Nonetheless I am captivated by his brilliance and poignant constructive criticism of helping us be the character instead of acting the character. It's hard to deny his experience, thought process and sophistication of being the chess champ of all actors in Hollywood.

Running into Jesse again at the Red Lion Hotel having giving a ride to a fellow former Portlander to meet and discuss ideas I was really delighted to have reconnect. His wisdom of the filming world is priceless. Not long after grabbing a bottle of beer I took a moment to try his hat on for size as he went to the restroom. Cheers to him and his focus on getting The Actors Hanbook into a eBook along with writing a novel of his onto ebook. I'll see to grab a copy of it someday and who knows perhaps make it into a feature film. So grateful to have taken acting with him while he was teaching.

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