Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Winner Winner, Before The Turkey Dinner!

Winning a 2 month Scholarship for Acting Class with Scott Rogers thanks to Cast Iron Studios!
Lana Veenker with Sourixay Vilalay
So I must say the day to night was interestingly sound. I was first off connecting with a fellow film maker, Vu N Pham at the Grendals Coffee shop to discuss future ideas and projects.

It's a blessing and joy to come across people who are diligently going after their dreams by pursuing their passions.

I have to tip my hat off to Alexeisia Castalano for his offering and paying it forward for me to have an entry for the raffle, hence giving me the chance to win. It was destined I imagine that I study and participate more in the filming world. So thankful and blessed. Also look for him representing on "Hells Kitchen International". Best of luck in the show and throughout. Do stop by his foodcart "Dirty Bridge Bistro".