Saturday, March 11, 2017

Fleuresse Skincare Just Launched!

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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Welcome to Face Chapter! It's time to capture the breath taking memories!

Hello and welcome to Face Chapter's Blog! Here you will learn the stories to be shared. Entrepreneur founder Sourixay Vilalay aka SV, "Mr. Style Versatile" will engage you with a platform like no other! Stay tuned and feel free to interact with the variety of social media funnels that will ultimately encourage your to share your story.

(Left to right middle picture - James Q. Pham, Mariz Rivera, Raymond De Silva, Alex Dejesus, Bryson Lafferty, Lucious Allen Jr, Bob Leach, Sourixay Vilalay,  Chris Conlin, Lisa Lee)
First and foremost I want to share with you that I am not necessarily a super trained writer or journalist. I have some knack for it and am just wanting to create a journal/diary that will educate you and myself along the way of this process we call life.

So what triggered the pathway of making memories was actually my experience of enjoying my "Senior Photo-Shoot" in high school. You see, I was not the most balanced kid in my emotional IQ; so to have someone focus on me and make me laugh to get a fun-friendly and happy photo meant a lot. That experience is what I took from it and I want to do the same for the many lives I will be fortunate and blessed to photograph.

So as I reside in these hidden little cute cottages. I have decided to dedicate myself to create ongoing content. I hope that you will find the many chapters ahead to be inspiring and hopeful to your empowerment of becoming a multi-media story teller of your own right.

If you'd like fun surprises (gifts) and up to date reminders of new content, the please feel free to opt in to

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Winner Winner, Before The Turkey Dinner!

Winning a 2 month Scholarship for Acting Class with Scott Rogers thanks to Cast Iron Studios!
Lana Veenker with Sourixay Vilalay
So I must say the day to night was interestingly sound. I was first off connecting with a fellow film maker, Vu N Pham at the Grendals Coffee shop to discuss future ideas and projects.

It's a blessing and joy to come across people who are diligently going after their dreams by pursuing their passions.

I have to tip my hat off to Alexeisia Castalano for his offering and paying it forward for me to have an entry for the raffle, hence giving me the chance to win. It was destined I imagine that I study and participate more in the filming world. So thankful and blessed. Also look for him representing on "Hells Kitchen International". Best of luck in the show and throughout. Do stop by his foodcart "Dirty Bridge Bistro".

Friday, May 16, 2014

May Photo Contests Via Pro Photo Supply

Time to pull out the "good old Nikon boys" and enter some May Moments competition! One entry is due this Sunday and the other I think is at the end of the month. Any "Artists" out there in Portland, OR have a cool scenario where you "CREATE" something and would like to be photographed, feel free to get in touch! Best of capture to all who enter!

Monday, July 2, 2012

APILT 2012

So I must say i've truly enjoyed the gathering of "APILT" which is Asian Pacific Islander Leadership Training retreat of 2012. We gathered at the Oregon Education Center in Tigard and it is a very green and nice site.

We've learned the circumstances of the "API" community and had lessons of what is happening. We were able to learn and come together to seek ways to be active in our passions.

I will say it has been some restless past two nights as the anxiety and ambitions have been jumping in my mind.

I am getting excited as we are encouraged to take on a project to pursue in engaging the community. I will say that the pieces are coming together, the years of training are adding up, and Facechapter is going to be the project to develop.

Please share any thoughts or remarks that you may have.

Page to page will soon create chapters.

Sourixay Vilalay ~ Visionary

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Facechapter: Helping people share their story!

To be launched! In beta version:

Are you a science engineer who develop websites? Let's get in touch and collaborate our vision and talents?